To schedule a portrait session please call 602.653.9722 or email us at Once we receive your inquiry we will  we will email you a PDF of general information to help you prepare for your upcoming photo session. Then the fun begins!

Where will my session take place?

Photo sessions can either be "in studio" or "on location".  We have a portrait studio in Scottsdale (by appointment only), and we photograph on location throughout the Valley of the Sun (your home, local park, urban setting, etc).  The choice is yours!  We are happy to discuss what is important to you and select the best option for you, your family, or your pet. No two sessions are exactly alike - why, because our clients are all different and we want your session to be unique to you.
When photographing on location, sunrise and sunset are typically the most favorable times because the light is softer. We can certainly accommodate most situations and are happy to discuss the details with you.  Location desired can also impact the time of day that might be best.  All of this can be reviewed in a phone or in person consultation. 

Location and pets - what do you suggest?

The most important factor when considering where to have your pet photographed is the pet's safety.  If we are on location at say a park, can the pet be off leash; will the pet be distracted by children playing or birds in the area, etc.  In the case of cats - a home environment is often best as they are calmer and like their space.  They can hide more easily at home which is a factor that should also be considered.  Our studio environment is small and confined so there are no major distractions.

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept cash, checks, money order, MasterCard, and Visa.

Do you sell digital files?

We have sessions that include a grouping of high resolution digital files.  When digital files are provide we will also give you a print release.  However, it is important to note that when an image is printed at a consumer lab the results will vary by lab. We can not guarantee color and quality from a consumer lab.   We use a pro lab out of state to ensure the highest quality prints/products.  Additional digital files can be purchase because we know many people like to scrapbook, share images via social media, or just want to own a tangible image (the negatives of today).